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2024-2025 Junior Festival Jazz Audition Information

Contact Patrick Kennedy with any jazz audition questions   


Audition Pieces

Saxes, Brass

Rock On, pp. 16-17, in Easy Jazz Conception, by Jim Snidero

Play WITH CD accompaniment.


Piano, Bass, Guitar, Vibes

Explicity, pp. 12-13, in Rhythm Section Workout by Berg/Hamilton/Fischer/Houghton. Also, perform Comping Sample #4. (See below for specifics.)

Play with or without CD accompaniment.

Vibes, same as piano, but with 2 & 3 note voicings and proper pedal technique on the comping sample.



Workshop Blues, pp. 2-3, in Rhythm Section Workout by Berg/Hamilton/Fischer/Houghton. Also, demonstrate swing, Latin, funk and ballad styles.

Sight Reading

All rhythm section instruments auditioning for Junior Districts will be asked to choose two of the four styles (swing, Latin, ballad, funk) off the comping sheet assigned for this year. These styles will be the student's choice, not the adjudicator's. Reach out to Patrick Kennedy with any questions.



Students will be assessed and given feedback in this area; however, it will not be added into the final tabulation. Improvisation scores may be used to assist the director in assigning parts within the ensemble.


All students will play one major scale in keeping with the scales required for their instrument, a two octave chromatic scale, and a Bb or F concert blues scale.


Scales for brass, woodwinds and vibes are prescribed on the MMEA-WD website.

guitar - C, G, D, E, A, F, Bb, Eb, Ab (two octaves)
piano - C, D, A, E, F, Bb, Eb, Ab (two octaves)
bass - C, D, A, Bb, Eb (one octave) G, F, Ab (two octaves)
Jazz drummers do not need to play scales


Percussionists may use the drum set provided by WSU or bring their own 4 or 5 piece set.

**Guitar and Bass amplifiers ARE NOT available at WSU. Please bring your own for auditions.**

Vibes may use the vibraphone provided by WSU or bring their own vibraphone.

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