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2023-2024 Junior District Vocal Audition Information

*Please note that we have transitioned to only one audition piece for our combined mixed voice Junior Choir going forward.*


"Come Follow" is sung as a round with the recording. Choose the key that best suits your singer. The singer enters at measure 5 and sings the round TWICE through. Slight variations of the tune are acceptable. Click here for the scores and tracks.


Sight Reading:

The sight reading excerpt will meet these criteria:


  • It will be in a comfortable range for each voice part.

  • It will be in a major key, in 4/4 time.

  • It will begin and end on the tonic.

  • It will consist almost entirely of scalar motion; any leaps will be to the tonic.

  • Rhythms may include whole, half, quarter and eighth notes.


Here are examples of comparable difficulty.


All methods of sight singing are acceptable (solfege, numbers, neutral syllables, etc.).


Scales: Singers will be asked to sing one major scale (ascending and descending, repeating the top 'do') in the following keys:

  • Soprano: F 

  • Alto: Bb  

  • Low Voice: E

If you have any questions, contact Colleen Grady at

Audition Recordings
Come Follow (Key of C) - MMEA-WD
Come Follow (Key of A) - MMEA-WD
Come Follow (Key of E) - MMEA-WD
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